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Get to know our Chatbot!

  • Up to 3 documents
  • Up to 7500 words (~40 Pages) per document
  • 60 Chat Messages (20 Q&A per document)
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The perfect plan if you're just getting started with our Chatbot.

  • Up to 10 documents
  • Up to 12500 words (~50 Pages) per document
  • 400 Chat Messages (40 Q&A per document)
  • Support response time
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Dedicated Support and Infrastructure for Your Need!

  • Customized Chatbot
  • Multi File Q&A - Ask questions across many docs all at once.
  • API integration for Your Solution
  • Dedicated support representative
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Unleash the full potential of FileQA with our Premium plan.

  • Up to 30 documents
  • Up to 50000 words (~200 Pages) per document
  • 1500 Chat Messages (50 Q&A per document)
  • 24-hour support response time
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